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X-card Trick

This is the most surprising effect we've created for the iPhone and iPod touch. This clever tool will amaze your family and friends. It is really great for any audience and you'll want to do it all the time.

Imagine this, you have *any* card selected from a shuffled deck of cards and placed faced up on top of a table. Then you just click the magic "Next" button and the choosen card is amazingly revealed. Simple as that. You can be sure of hilarious reaction from your audience.

- It's not just a trick… an impossibility.
- Easy to do.
- No trick cards. The clever secret does it all for you.

A delight to own, a joy to perform. Have fun!


Amazed every one
"Hearing about some bad reviews really made it hard to buy, but I just gave it a shot. And it was worth it. I would say 12 and up could do this or you Just to remember a few things. If you have 99 cents around I would recommend it! :)"
(United States)

Lots of fun
"The kids love it. People are confused, they think there's a camera. They try it themselves and it doesn't work; only the magic iPad owner can do it! ;)"

Don't listen to the bad reviews
"Don't listen to the bad reviews this app is a awesome magic app and it's 1.00 you can't beat that"
(United States)

"Fantastic and very easy to perform. Great party addition. Best app for the money out there."

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